4 Reasons To Learn Salesforce

Many of you might have heard of the term Salesforce and people active on LinkedIn must have seen many posts related to Salesforce events like Dreamforce, TrailheadDX, multiple Community events, etc and must have wondered what exactly is Salesforce and whether you should opt it as a career option or not. Whether you a working Employee looking for a job change or a student who needs to start his career in the IT sector. Then believe me Salesforce is that one platform which will help you grow and become a successful person in your life.  

Here are the 4 best reasons which will explain you why you should go for Salesforce as a Career option.

  • Job Opportunities : According to IDC white paper, there will 3.3M Jobs by 2022. Salesforce is working on latest technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT, Analytics and lots more and the various aspects of business, like sales, marketing, commerce, integration, service, community, etc. By these figures and the growth of the salesforce product, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of job opportunities coming in the Salesforce ecosystem.

    Growth is considered ineluctable in the Salesforce sector. Salesforce is considered as the best CRM system so far available in the market and has been ranked #1  for a successive decade. Millions of Salesforce customers are available worldwide and undoubtedly all of them requires Salesforce experts to help them implement their business using the Salesforce platform.

  • Better Salary : With the expanding market of the Salesforce, there is massive demand. As you can see the numbers, Salesforce skills help you get a better salary as compared to other technologies.

    And check out these average salaries for the following role command. The role of a Salesforce Administrator can get an average salary of $95k and role of a Developer can get an average salary of $125k which is 25% higher than the average salary of a Developer in 2017. Some of the specific jobs in Salesforce which requires advanced technical skills such as Visualforce and Sales Cloud also can help you get more than $100k per year.
    It’s not just the Admins or the Developers procure the rewards. Every role in Salesforce helps you get a Competitive salary i.e. on an average more than $70k year.
    According to Burning Glass, Salesforce falls under the top 10 Digital skills that helps in boosting the marketing careers and the above figures also helps you in identifying the growth of Salesforce in last 2 years and also how important is Salesforce gonna be in the upcoming years.
  • Various roles : To enter into the Salesforce ecosystem, it doesn’t matter from what background you are. If you are good at technical, you can be a Salesforce developer. If you are a problem solver, you can be a Technical architect. If you love interaction with people, you can pursue the salesforce sales career and lots more.
    And still, if you are not sure whether you are fit to enter the salesforce ecosystem, click on any of the careers in the given link – https://trailhead.salesforce.com/career-path/

    You can just read and know more about the given career paths and then yourself select which one fits in for you. If you still don’t get which career option is meant for you, you can simply start your learning with the Admin path and once you get along with the basics of Salesforce and your field of interest you can then simply switch to the suitable career path which would be best for you.

    Let’s explain you guys with the example of Jessica who is MVP, Admin, Developer and Community group Organiser. She completed her training as a sign language interpreter and translator. She also completed her Masters thinking of completing her PhD and becoming a College Professor but couldn’t find a suitable job for herself. While searching for new career option she met her friend who encouraged her to switch her path to become a Developer. So she started learning with HTML and CSS. This change was a start to her new journey which further led her way to join Salesforce. You can also read the complete story on this URL – https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trailblazers/jessica-murphy.

    You can also read Hundreds of stories like these on this URL – https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trailblazers that may Inspire you to become a part of Salesforce Community. 

  • Easy to Learn : Salesforce Trailhead is the best platform to learn salesforce. It provides guided, learning path through the key features of Salesforce, using a set of interactive, online tutorials.

    If you want to learn a specific topic, you can filter the modules.

    In the above picture you can see different filters like Your role, Your level, Products, Tags, etc. So if u are a learner simply click on Beginner, then choose your role and you will get all the Modules related to that level. That’s it you can simply start exploring and learn different Modules.

    And if you wish to start through a guided path, you can go to Learn, then select Trails and select as per your interest.

    In the Trails as well you can apply the filters and learn according to your Interest.
    Once you complete these trails, you’ll have enough knowledge to work on a live project.

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