What is Salesforce

 A term which is being heard the most in the past few years in the whole IT sector is Salesforce. You guys would also have heard the term Salesforce but have you ever tried to know what exactly is Salesforce. If not let’s explore about Salesforce in this article.

But before starting with Salesforce you need to learn some terminologies related to Salesforce which are Cloud Computing and CRM, so let’s begin with these and then explore Salesforce more.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the on-demand delivery of computing services over the Internet. These Computing services Include Servers, Storage, Databases, Networking, Softwares, etc.

You just need a Remote Server to access all your data where you can store, manage and process data instead of using a personal system/computer.

Why Cloud Computing?

  • It provides Fast Implementation i.e. you just need to login and start using the services.
  • It provides Instant Scalability i.e. editing, increasing and decreasing resources like Storage, Servers, etc.
  • It is Maintenance Free i.e. the service providers will take care of all the maintenance or updates related issues as everything will be done automatically. 
  • It is Accessible Anywhere i.e. you can access all the services on the Internet from anywhere and any device.

Cloud Computing Models 

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) refers to the fundamental building blocks of computing that can be rented i.e. different computing resources such as servers, storage and networking.
  • Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) refers to an environment which provides the tools and software needed by developers to build applications
  • Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) is the delivery of Application-as-a-Service i.e. it is platform-independent and doesn’t require installation, setup or running of the application.

What is CRM(Customer Relationship Management)?

CRM is a software used by Organisations to manage a relationship with current and future customers. It helps you in the following ways:-

  • Managing customer relationships in a structured way.
  • Helps in tracking activities like phone calls, emails, meetings, etc for your Business.
  • Provides a central source of easily accessible data for your entire Organisation.
  • Helps in automating all the business processes used in Sales, Marketing, Services, etc.
  • It uses data analysis about customer’s history with a company to improve business relationship with a customer.
  • CRM integrates everything that a company’s sales, services and marketing teams know about a customer to get a 360-degree view of the customer relationship.
  • It helps in providing better customer experience to get better feedback.


It is the combination of Cloud Computing and CRM services. Salesforce.com is an American cloud-based software company founded in 1999 with headquartered in San Francisco. 

Salesforce’s services allow Organisations to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners and potential customers. It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

Types of the user in Salesforce 

  • Admin: Salesforce Admin helps in automating a business process, creates reports & dashboards, creates users and set their role & permissions and lot more. This role deals with using all the Salesforce standard functionalities without any code and customisation.
  • Developer: There are many scenarios which are not configurable using the point and click method, and that’s where Salesforce developer comes in. He’s responsible for writing code and creating custom components to solve the complex business problems.
  • Business User: The business user is the end-user, which utilises the functionalities implemented by salesforce admin & developer to achieve the business goals.

Salesforce started as a CRM, but now it’s a powerful cloud solution, that not only take care of Sales but lots more. It provides a cloud solution for every kind of business and every level whether you are running a small business or you are a fortune 500 company.

Salesforce Products

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Integration
  • Community

Salesforce provides free Developer Org to access Salesforce Product. Developer org is the salesforce environment which provides you access to all significant Salesforce functionalities.

To open a new Developer Org let’s go to this URL and create a new account – https://developer.salesforce.com/signup . Here we need to fill all the details and make sure your username must be in an email format.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email. Click the link you received. Now set the password, once done, you’ll be able to see the Salesforce Org Screen.

To learn more about salesforce watch this video

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